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Whether you want more from life, are questioning your purpose, going through a personal or career transition, want to develop your leadership skills, help advise others or boost your zest for life – a Learn with Sue membership will help you gain clarity, confidence, inner strength and energy to be the best version of you.

Learn with Sue is an online membership like no other. Interact with the brightest minds in positive psychology who have dedicated years to identify the secrets of “what makes a good life” both personally and professionally. Access a library of resources, tools and tips to help you implement the science to boost your wellbeing.

Sue Langley | Learn with Sue
Meet Sue Langley | Learn with Sue
Hosted by Sue Langley

Meet Sue

Learn with Sue is hosted by Sue Langley, global leader in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence. Sue has spent many years studying the human brain and has an incredible ability to translate the science into practical ways you can enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

You only need to spend five minutes in a room with Sue Langley to feel motivated, inspired and energised, just ask the countless individuals and workplaces Sue has helped to positively transform throughout her career.

Meet Sue Langley | Learn with Sue

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An interactive membership like no other

Learn with Sue is an online, interactive membership that connects you with the brightest minds in positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence.

As a member, you can attend over 24 LIVE events each year. Interact with Sue and her globally esteemed peers who share how their research can enhance your wellbeing.

You will have online access to a library of tools, anywhere and anytime, including research and book reviews, eBooks, articles, mindfulness exercises and so much more.

Build confidence and feel great | Learn with Sue
Who will benefit?

Ideal for anyone who wants the best out of life

For individuals seeking clarity, confidence, inner strength, energy, greater levels of happiness, improved job satisfaction, better relationships and a zest for life.

For business leaders, coaches, teachers, health professionals and trainers, Learn with Sue will set you up with skills for life to help yourself and others be the best they can be.

Member Benefits

Enjoy all OF these benefits as a Learn with Sue member
Learn with Sue - Access Learn with Sue online, anywhere anytime

Join Sue live each month as she explores one area of positive psychology that can have a profound impact on your wellbeing. In these member-only events you will have the opportunity to engage, interact and ask questions with Sue throughout the session.

Join Sue live each month as she hosts world-leading experts in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence and gleans their top tips for a happy, healthy life. This is a rare opportunity to engage and ask questions throughout the event.

Instant access to expert interviews such as Sue’s 10-part series with Dr Martin Seligman, known as the “Founding Father of Positive Psychology” and author of the best-selling book Flourish. And her 3-part series with Dr Michael Mosley, doctor, presenter and author of the 5:2 and Fast 800 diets.

Download eBooks on topics such as 7 Ways to Apply Positive Psychology, 10 Brain Friendly Habits and How to Lead with the Brain at Work. Plus a range of tools to help yourself and others including questionnaires, values cards, posters and more.


Hosted by Sue Langley

Some of the LIVE "In Conversation" Events coming soon

Join Learn with Sue to interact with some of the brightest minds in positive psychology.


A small investment in your wellbeing with big impact

To gain these insights from a positive psychology course or multiple therapy sessions can cost in the thousands. You can get access to LIVE events, tools, tips, techniques and more for just over $7 per week. Choose to pay $99 quarterly or $380 paid annually.

Quarterly Membership

$99 AUD per Quarter

Billed Quarterly

Gain access to the full Learn with Sue experience and pay $99 per quarter (3 months). Includes six LIVE sessions valued at $79 each!

Annual Membership SAVE

$380 AUD per Year

Billed Annually

Get access to events, tools, tips, techniques and more for just over $7 per week, $380 paid annually.

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